Established in 2021 and currently operating in the Limpopo and Mpumalanga Province , the Village Girl Movement is a non-profit that focuses on the empowerment of disadvantaged girls especially in areas that are educationally, socially, and economically backwards.

Strongly aligned with the “Right to Education Act’ the initiative aims to inform, promote and enhance the livelihoods of young village girls, by encouraging educational enrolment- this will assist in the Governments vision to improve access to primary and secondary education. The initiative also looks to improve their health through education and physical activity, build their self-esteem and lastly administer mentored activities and tasks that will also benefit the community at large.   

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Founder and Director  

Mathapelo Mariba, the founder of the Village Girl Movement, is a young educated South African graduate with a Degree in Public Health. The young visionary with a mission has always aspired to be amongst those who help and give to the underprivileged, in hopes for a better life for all. Her background played a huge role in her lifelong dream- growing up she quickly understood the meaning and intentions of giving to those who have little to nothing. 

This led her to initiate and foster health amoung young girls, build thier self-esteem and encourage self-development, and most importantly provide educational opportunities especially for the underprivileged girl population in the villages. She understands that South Africa has had several challenges in accommodating everyone's needs and most NPO’s have also been faced with a number of challenges and opportunities

- she ensures that her initiative will reach its full potential despite setbacks.

"No one has ever become poor by giving"- Anne Frank



Sasha Ntombela 
Program Manager
& Marketing director 


Rosetta Khoza
Administrative & financial officer



Ntokozo Langa
Head- Communications 



Jabulile Make 
Head- Human Resources